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5 Tips on Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney in Miami, FL

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Making the right choice when it comes to hiring a personal injury attorney after an accident or injury is one of the most important things you can do. Physical injuries can be debilitating, and the economic consequences can be severe. It is important that you choose the right lawyer for your specific case. Many people don’t know Miami personal injury lawyers and don’t know what to do when they have found themselves injured in an accident. Here are 5 tips for hiring a personal injury lawyer:

1. Area Of Personal Injury Law Focus

Personal injury is an umbrella term that includes a very large area of law involving all kinds of accidents. Some lawyers might handle car accidents while others might focus on boat and cruise ship injuries. Some lawyers handle aviation crashes or railroad accidents, and others might practice medical malpractice. It is important that you pick a lawyer who has knowledge that pertains to your specific accident and a lawyer who handles personal injury matters exclusively and regularly. If you are considering hiring a lawyer who practices real estate or family law for your injury case – the chances are you are in the wrong place.

2. Experience

What kind of experience does your lawyer have? How long have they been practicing? Does your lawyer have trial experience? The lawyer you speak to should have personal injury experience and know exactly what questions to ask and what to look for in your case. You should research your lawyer’s background before deciding to sign with him or her.

3. Reputation And Disciplinary Record

Is your lawyer known in the community and involved in organizations? Or is your lawyer infamous and making negative headlines? Has he or she been in trouble with the state bar? Your lawyer’s reputation can affect your case when dealing with insurance companies, corporations, other attorneys, and judges. You do not want to hire a lawyer who has bad reputation. Hire a lawyer who is known, honest, well-respected, and has achieved fair results in the past.

4. Personality And Ethics.

This is often the X factor in choosing a lawyer. Hire a lawyer you can sync with, you like, and you trust. Your lawyer should be accessible and return your phone calls and texts in a timely manner. You do not need to be best friends and speak regularly, but you should work well together to get the job done.

5. Who Is Assigned To Your Case?

Many clients go to firms expecting to hire a certain lawyer and end up getting a different lawyer assigned to their case. Make sure you are receiving the personalized representation you signed up for. Going to larger firms increases the chance your case gets lost in the mix and gets assigned to another lawyer, or even a non-lawyer.


MAUSNER GRAHAM INJURY LAW PLLC, is a boutique law firm in Miami, FL that practices personal injury law exclusively. We provide our clients with the attention and personalized representation they deserve. If you have any more questions on what to know when hiring a personal injury attorney, contact our personal injury attorneys anytime for a free consultation at 305-344-HURT (4878). Our consultations are free.

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