Many people love to enjoy the beautiful South Florida weather by going for a cruise on their bicycle. Whether it’s a leisurely ride down a bike path next to the beach, or you’re more into long-distance cycling along our numerous bike trails, there’s no arguing that Florida’s clear blue skies and warm temperatures result in ideal biking conditions. 

Unfortunately, bicycle accidents are very common and can result in serious, even life-threatening, injuries. While cycling is growing in popularity among people of all ages, cyclists are exposed to inattentive and reckless drivers and a bike helmet is often not enough to prevent serious injuries from occurring. 

We’ve seen many bicycle accident cases over the years, and here are the top four most common injuries. If you’ve been in a bicycle accident and are considering taking legal action, please contact us today.

Neck Injuries

Whiplash isn’t only for car accidents. If you’re riding a bike and something suddenly collides with you, it causes your neck to jolt in a certain direction and it can be extremely serious. You may notice your neck feels sore and stiff the day following your accident, and we recommend you get checked out by a medical professional as soon as possible. 

Neck injuries can greatly interfere with your quality of life, your sleep, your ability to work, and more. 

Back Injuries

As mentioned above, you’re exposed and vulnerable when you’re riding a bike. Back injuries can occur if you fall off, if you collide with a vehicle, or if you crash into an object. Back injuries can be extremely serious, so even if you feel okay, we recommend seeking medical attention immediately after a bicycle accident. 

Broken Bones

We’ve seen many cases of broken arms, wrists, fingers, shoulders, and legs from cyclists involved in a crash. All it takes is a driver being distracted for a fraction of a second to cause an accident, and the results can be dire. Broken bones can result in expensive medical bills, rehabilitation and physical therapy, the inability to work, and a severe impact on your quality of life. 

Internal Injuries

Blunt force trauma can damage internal organs, and it’s especially dangerous because the injuries aren’t observable to the naked eye. Even if you collide with a vehicle at a slower rate of speed, for example a car going 15MPH, there’s still a risk that your organs have sustained damage from the blunt force trauma and you need to be checked for internal injuries as soon as possible. 

Even the most vigilant and experienced cyclists get in accidents, especially on roads without designated bike lanes. A bicycle accident can quickly turn a fun day out with family or friends into a very serious situation, and after you get medical assistance, we recommend contacting an attorney who can help you file a claim. You may find your life has been greatly impacted by your accident in negative ways, and you deserve compensation for your injuries, your medical bills, and any work missed as a result. 

If you’ve been injured in a bicycle accident and you want to pursue legal action, please contact our team today. We’re standing by and we look forward to hearing from you.