What should you do after a car accident?

Car accidents can happen to anyone and they happen quickly. Even if you think you’re a safe driver, you are at risk of injury every time you drive. You can’t control the actions of other drivers, but you can control the actions you take right after the accident. A car accident lawyer lists the 5 things you should do right after a car accident:

1) Medical Treatment. You should always seek out necessary medical treatment for yourself and others right after a car accident. Stop your vehicle and make sure everyone is ok. If anyone is catastrophically injured, it is best to wait for emergency medical treatment. 

2) Call 911. You need to contact the police and file an accident report. The police will determine fault, if possible, and this will affect your case at the outset.

3) Collect evidence and witnesses. Take photographs of injuries, car damage, street damage, skid marks, lights, and road signs and anything else that pertains to your accident. Write down names, addresses, and phone numbers of all witnesses including passengers. Write down your recollection of the events immediately.

4) Do not admit fault. Don’t say anything that can be used against you in the future. Be polite to all other parties, but protect your rights and don’t hurt your personal injury case.

5) Contact a lawyer. Filing a car insurance claim can be complex and so can filing a lawsuit against a car insurance company. Contact MAUSNER GRAHAM INJURY LAW PLLC so we can guide you from start to finish.


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