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Mausner Graham Negligent Security Law Firm in Miami, Florida

When it comes to negligent security, law firms such as Mausner Graham Injury Law PLLC deal with cases where guests have been injured at apartment buildings, hotels, restaurants, bars, and other commercial establishments. If you’ve been a victim, here is what you need to know about negligent security cases.

What Is a Negligent Security Case?

If guests at commercial properties are injured due to criminal acts such as assault, battery, robbery, homicide, and other kinds of crimes, there might be a negligent security case at hand.

Lawyers who handle negligent security cases can advise you on the merits of your case and can provide you with the relevant information you will need to bring a lawsuit against a negligent property owner.

The aim of a negligent security lawsuit is to provide victims with a fair outcome in compensating them for the losses they have suffered due to the negligence.

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Did You Know That Property Owners Have a Responsibility to Protect Guests?

Property owners have a duty to protect guests from dangers that are reasonably foreseeable as well as when they are on notice of the risk of injury. This means that if guests get injured due to an owner’s action or inaction they might be entitled to institute a negligent security lawsuit.

Examples of Occurrences That Can Lead to a Negligent Security Case

A few common examples of occurrences that can lead to a negligent security case include the following:

  • A customer being followed to their car and assaulted in a shopping center’s parking,

  • A person being robbed of their money after making a withdrawal at an ATM,

  • A patron being injured or assaulted by a bouncer or security guard at a restaurant or nightclub, and 

  • A customer falling victim to an employee of a company who did not go through a proper criminal background check.

  • A customer or employee attacked at a gas station by an assailant.

If you have fallen victim to injury or damage at a commercial property, you need to get in touch with one of the professional and reliable negligent security lawyers at Mausner Graham Injury Law PLLC immediately. We will guide you through the process of bringing a negligent security lawsuit against property owners who do not take their responsibility to safeguard their guests seriously.

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Who Can Be Represented by a Negligent Security Lawyer?

MAUSNER GRAHAM INJURY LAW PLLC can represent individuals who have been harmed due to any of the following:

  • Inadequate security measures or lack of security,

  • Broken security and surveillance systems,

  • Inadequate lighting,

  • Failure to perform thorough criminal background checks on employees,

  • Aggressive and hostile security guards and bouncers,

  • Inadequate security patrols,

  • Broken doors and locks, and

  • Blocked emergency exits.

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When Should I Consult a Negligent Security Lawyer?

It’s important to retain counsel immediately if you are injured in a negligent security case as described above or if you feel that your case merits investigation by a personal injury lawyer. Preservation of evidence is very important at the outset of negligent security cases. Eric J. Mausner, Esq. is a former prosecutor and has a decade of experience working with police officers, witnesses, victims, and security personnel. 

Our consultations are free of charge, and we ask no legal fees unless we recover for you. Call us anytime – 305-344-HURT (4878). We are always ready to assist you with your negligent security cases.

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