Aviation Accidents

Aviation Accidents

Mausner Graham Aviation Accident Law Firm in Miami, Florida

MAUSNER GRAHAM INJURY LAW PLLC represents victims of aviation accidents against airlines, manufacturers, and any other party responsible for the catastrophic consequences of an airplane or helicopter crash. We also assist passengers who were injured in airplanes or airports due to the negligence of a third party. A passenger’s right to recovery may be protected under the Montreal Convention, which provides special protections to international passengers. Domestic passengers will be subjected to the laws of the United States.

Below are examples of cases MAUSNER GRAHAM INJURY LAW PLLC that can represent individuals:

  • Major and regional airline accidents
  • Small plane, private, charter, or corporate aircraft accidents
  • Military contractor air crashes
  • Helicopter accidents
  • Terrorist related crashes
  • International aviation disasters
  • Defective aviation products
  • Burn injuries
  • Injuries related to turbulence, service carts, and overhead bins
  • Criminal acts from fellow passengers
  • Intoxication related injuries

It’s important to retain counsel immediately if you or a loved one were injured in an aviation accident. Preservation of evidence is very important at the outset of an aviation case. Our consultations are free, and there are no legal fees unless we recover for you. Call us anytime – 305-344-HURT (4878). We are always ready to help.

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