Bus Accidents

Bus Accidents

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Every city in America tries to outdo the others with a well-executed public transportation system. Buses, trains, subways, and so on are the means by which many working people get to work and back if they live in the city. And while many city folks might think of the possibility of sitting beside some unsavory characters, very few ever consider the possibility of public transportation getting in an accident. But buses and the like are just like any other mode of transport; mistakes can and do happen. And when they do, with vehicles as big and as powerful as a city bus, the injuries can be severe. Mausner and Graham’s bus accident lawyer in Miami can help you out.

If you’ve been injured in a bus crash, whether as a bus passenger, the driver of a car, or a pedestrian on the sidewalk, you may be eligible to recover compensation for the injuries you have sustained. Doing so may be a challenging feat, however. Unlike an accident between two civilian motor vehicles, buses are typically owned by large commercial companies, school districts, or the city, complicating matters if you file a personal injury lawsuit. This should not suggest to you that all is lost, however.

Those who’ve suffered bus accident injuries should reach out to a law firm with a track record of success representing similar cases in the past. At the Miami-based law firm Mausner Graham Injury Law PLLC, our attorneys have years of experience representing the legal rights of accident victims seeking compensation. We would be honored to represent your personal injury claim.

If you feel that the settlements offered by bus companies and their insurers are inadequate, then you have the right to argue the matter and press for maximum compensation. Do not let these big companies and their lawyers intimidate you while you’re hurt and desperate. Hire the bus accident attorneys of Mausner Graham Injury Law PLLC, and we will represent your case on your behalf.

What Are “Common Carriers” and Are They Held to Different Standards?

Common carriers are individuals or companies that regularly transport goods and/or passengers. A common carrier is typically performing this task for profit, with employees making a regular income as they grow accustomed to a set route and rate. Examples of common carriers in America include airlines, taxi companies, shipowners, cruise lines, railroad companies, commercial trucking companies, and FedEx. A public bus is typically considered a common carrier, meaning that Greyhound, Metrobus, a charter bus, an MTA bus, and intercity buses all qualify. A private bus, which does not open its doors to the public, is considered a contract carrier and is held to different standards than common carriers.

A common carrier is held to a higher standard of care than others providing transportation. They must practice higher safety standards and constant vigilance and show that the utmost care has been taken to safeguard human lives while in operation. This means that the law requires that they be afforded less benefit of the doubt if they are responsible for accidents that cause injuries. “Reasonable” care is not enough. Common carriers must commit themselves to consistently practicing the “utmost” care.

A personal injury case that claims a civilian motorist’s negligence caused an accident might not succeed in court. The same applies to a common carrier accident case. However, the chances of bringing a successful claim against common carriers are much higher because of this heightened standard of care.

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What Types of Injuries Are Commonly Seen in Bus Accidents?

A bus accident victim may experience similar injuries to passengers in other vehicles. However, most bus riders do not wear seat belts to prevent injury and can be crowded together at the point of impact. Additionally, buses have a risk of rolling over as a result of their weight. Bus accidents might be rarer than car accidents, but the chance for serious injury remains high.

The worst injuries in a bus collision might be those outside the bus; the drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians who share the road with buses. The size of a bus often dwarfs others it shares the city streets with, which can make them dangerous if they ever come into impact.

Common consequences of a bus wreck include:

  • Amputation
  • Broken bones
  • Burns
  • Concussions
  • Disability
  • Disfigurement
  • Internal organ damage
  • Nerve damage
  • Paralysis
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Whiplash

Are School Bus Accidents Common in Florida?

Every parent and guardian wants to believe that they can trust that their children’s safety will be adequately looked after when that child goes off to school. And most school districts take excellent precautionary measures to keep their students, teachers, and bus drivers safe while riding buses to and from school. But accidents can and do happen. Tragedy strikes at random.

Statistics from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) show that in the previous decade, there were a little over a thousand Florida school bus accidents. These accidents resulted in 1,199 fatalities. It should be noted that the majority of those who died in last decade’s school bus accidents were not riding the school bus. However, that being said, 126 of those deaths were on the school bus at the time of the accident, so the number is still tragic and hard to take.

If your child was on a school bus at the time of a crash and they were hurt by the collision, as a parent, you have the right to pursue some accountability. Likewise, if you were struck by a bus and injured, you may be able to hold the bus driver, bus owner, or school district financially responsible. Please speak to our attorneys about your school bus accident claim.

How Can Bus Accident Attorneys Help Your Case?

Whether you were injured in an accident involving a government-controlled transit bus, a privately-owned tour bus company, or a school bus, you may be eligible to pursue a financial settlement for the pain and economic hardships resulting from the crash. It is crucial to then show that negligence or liability led to the crash, and your bus accident lawyer in miami can help you with this. Bus owners are required to carry liability insurance for vehicles that regularly transport dozens or more people daily. However, the insurance company is likely to only pay over a significant settlement for your injuries with objection. A dedicated legal team may take on the bus manufacturer, municipality, owner, driver, and others.

With a successful lawsuit, your settlement could cover damages such as:

  • Emotional distress
  • Lost wages
  • Medical expenses
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Wrongful death

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Do not be intimidated by powerful and wealthy bus company executives. You have rights. If you were injured in a bus accident, you might seek compensation for your pain and suffering. But this may be a challenging task. An experienced bus accident lawyer in miami could help you recover satisfactory punitive damages from the at-fault parties and potentially ensure that you receive maximum compensation for any health insurance claims.

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