Medical Malpractice on Cruise Ships

Medical Malpractice on Cruise Ships

What Should I Do If I Become Seriously Ill On a Cruise Ship?

You may be having a wonderful, restful time aboard one of today’s luxurious cruise ships but suddenly feel pain in your chest or other indications that you might be seriously ill.

First, you should understand that all major cruise lines usually have well-equipped onboard medical facilities. These medical facilities vary in quality but are typically staffed with experienced doctors and nurses. Even if that’s the case, the equipment and services available may differ in what they can treat effectively.

These cruise medical facilities are commonly able to perform minor surgeries, prescribe medications, and, if needed, stabilize patients who have more severe illnesses.
If your Illness or injury can be treated on board, the doctors and nurses will provide treatment and medication. If they see fit, you usually may return to your cabin or be kept under observation.

However, if you are severely ill or injured, the doctors will usually work with the ship’s captain and decide what to do. While a decision is being made, the staff will do its utmost to keep you stable and able to be moved to another facility.

If bad decisions are made, though, in your diagnosis or treatment, it’s not uncommon to be the victim of onboard medical malpractice.
Medical malpractice can occur in many ways; the staff could misdiagnose you, harm you more by treating you with inappropriate equipment, and more.

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What Are Common Ways Malpractice May Occur On a Cruise Ship.

Of course, there are myriad ways malpractice could be an issue in any E.R., doctor’s office, or hospital. However, because you’re on a ship, these cases have some differences and similarities.

Some of the most common ways medical malpractice occurs on a cruise ship are:

  • Failure to monitor you closely enough or be aware you have an ongoing medical condition.
  • They are refusing or discouraging your treatment altogether.
  • They need to provide prompt and proper medical care services.
  • Improper medical treatment due to the medical staff’s lack of training or equipment.
  • Delayed diagnosis until your condition worsens.
  • Outright misdiagnosis of your illness or injury, and more.

If you’ve been in this situation or even suspect a case of medical malpractice on a cruise, the first thing to do is get the proper treatment you need as quickly as possible.

Then, consult your case thoroughly with a Miami cruise ship lawyer. Your lawyer will collect all your information, analyze it, and ensure that all was done correctly to protect your health. If malpractice is discovered, your maritime personal injury lawyer will work aggressively to get you the total compensation you need to recover.

Can I Sue For Medical Malpractice If Treated On a Cruise ship?

Doctor on a cruise shipFor many years passengers on cruise ships didn’t have the legal right to sue cruise lines for medical malpractice. This was because the cruise line did not directly employ most medical staff, so they couldn’t be held liable.

Also, most ships needed more space, so adequate room for medical staff and equipment was nonexistent.

However, this has radically changed. Our modern-day cruise ships are enormous and provide passengers with all sorts of luxury amenities, which usually include state-of-the-art medical care.

The courts then decided that there were no longer acceptable reasons for cruise lines to be protected from medical malpractice claims that resulted from sub-par medical care.

However, specific criteria still must be met if you are to aggressively fight and win a medical malpractice case that occurred on a cruise ship. For example, your maritime injury lawyer must prove that the medical staff is an employee of the vessel rather than an independent contractor.

Filing and winning a medical malpractice case on a cruise ship is challenging; however, with the proper legal guidance, you can obtain the total compensation you deserve.

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How Do I File a Cruise Ship Malpractice Lawsuit?

Most legalities in filing medical malpractice on a cruise ship are similar, if not the same, as other malpractice lawsuits.

However, your maritime personal injury lawyer must take a few more steps to determine who to file against.

If your cruise ship was equipped with a state-of-the-art medical facility, you could file against the doctor (or staff) who treated you and the cruise line. By doing this, your experienced and thorough Miami personal injury law team will ensure that the cruise line is held accountable for its actions. This only holds, however, if the doctor and staff are employees of the cruise line and not outside contractors.

If the doctor is an employee and gives you subpar care, the cruise line can also be liable for medical expenses, lost wages, damages, and more.

Your law team must prove that the doctor (and those who treated you) was an employee of the cruise line or another outside healthcare provider.

If the medical staff are employees, your personal injury law team will commonly file against the doctor and the cruise line. They will be compelled to compensate you for your injuries, pain and suffering, and more. If another outside healthcare provider employs the doctor and staff, your lawyer may include that company in the lawsuit.

Most of the other parts of a cruise ship malpractice case are similar. However, each case of this type is unique, and yours is no exception. So, it becomes vital that you contact a winning, aggressive, and professional Miami personal injury law team familiar with maritime law.

I Feel I Was the Victim of Medical Malpractice On My Cruise; How Should I Proceed?

Medical malpractice cases are always legally complex, involve great detail, and are challenging to file and prove. If you were on the high seas, another layer of complexity is added.

So, you must consult immediately with a professional, qualified cruise ship and maritime Miami personal injury attorney. 

If you suspect or have been the victim of medical malpractice on a cruise ship, you must obtain highly experienced cruise ship lawyers. Remember, the doctor, especially the cruise line, will have a battery of lawyers on their side, and you need an aggressive and winning law team to fight for you. So, don’t hesitate, as your and your family’s future could depend on it.

Last updated Tuesday, November 21st, 2023

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