What Should I Do if Uber Driver Refuses to Call Police After an Accident?

What Should I Do if Uber Driver Refuses to Call Police After an Accident?

Is My Rideshare Driver Required to Call Police After an Accident?

Since the early 2010s, Uber’s rideshare taxi app service has slowly taken off. In more recent years, the app has continued to grow, becoming an enormously popular service for those without transportation of their own. In 2022 alone, Uber earned almost $32 billion in revenue, with hundreds of millions of users. Despite their popularity and wealth, mistakes can and do happen, and sometimes the business is not always looking out for their contractors or the passengers as well as one might hope. While Uber, as well as Lyft, have insurance policies in place to provide compensation in cases of a car accident, most unrepresented victims will never see the maximum compensation for their injuries.

Uber is more than twice as popular as Lyft, but they can be viewed as equally safe choices for your rideshare needs. Combined, however, they make up for an increasing number of accidents on the road. Studies have shown that the rise of rideshare apps has resulted in a 3% uptick in traffic fatalities. And sometimes a rideshare company’s contracted drivers don’t always do the right thing following such accidents.

The proper thing for an Uber or Lyft driver to do after they’ve been in a car accident is the same thing that any driver should do: they should check for injuries, ensure that injured victims receive proper medical aid, call the police, and remain at the scene of the crash until help arrives. If your Lyft or Uber driver doesn’t do those things – if they skip calling the police or even flee the scene entirely – do you know what to do?

If the Uber driver does not immediately call the police, remind them to do so. It’s possible that, in the traumatic event of the car wreck, it may have simply slipped their mind. But if the driver flat-out refuses to call the police, then you have a problem on your hands.

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What Steps Should You Take After an Uber or Lyft Accident?

Call the police yourself. Especially if the Uber or Lyft driver cancels your ride and leaves you stranded at the scene of the crash, you absolutely must call for help. When you call, be sure to tell dispatch about the basic facts of the case, as well as if you or others have sustained any injuries. It’s important that, when law enforcement arrives, they are accompanied by trained medical professionals so that any injured individuals may receive proper care.

You should also follow-up with both your insurance company as well as the rideshare company. It’s possible that the driver may have informed their company instead of calling the police, but this is simply not enough. While it’s important that all relevant parties be informed, the police still need to be contacted about the accident.

While the proper paperwork is being filed, it is important that you follow the medical guidance of your healthcare providers. If you do not get checked out after the accident, it may prove difficult to recover compensation for any injuries you sustained.

Do You Need a Car Accident Lawyer for Your Rideshare Accident Case?

Lawyers talking at a tableAfter you’ve sought medical attention and have contacted the proper authorities, it’s important to speak with an experienced rideshare accident attorney in your area. While many personal injury attorneys likely deal with car crashes, not every such lawyer has faced the extra complexities associated with a company like Uber or Lyft.

Not every car accident requires the legal guidance of an attorney. If a minor bump occurs, resulting in no damages or injuries, then maybe it’s not worth the trouble of hiring an attorney or working with insurance. However, in the event of a rideshare accident, it is highly recommended that you at least speak with legal professionals. You do not want to risk the driver claiming that you had something to do with the accident later on. And even if you do not plan on retaining a lawyer for your case, it is worth scheduling a consultation with a law firm to discuss your legal options.

In the case of something like an Uber driver leaving the scene of the accident or failing to notify the police, you absolutely must seek the counsel of an attorney. Not only will your Uber accident attorney seek to hold responsible parties accountable, but legal representation presents a better chance of any injured parties recovering the full compensation for their injuries.

What Else Should You Remember to Do Following an Uber Car Accident?

We’ve gone over the basics of what you must do if your Lyft or Uber driver fails to take the necessary steps following a car accident. But there are other suggestions which you should keep under consideration as well.

Further steps to take following an Uber car accident include:

  • If you suffered an injury in the accident, make sure to acquire a copy of the police report. This may be used as important evidence in the future.
  • The passenger of the rideshare vehicle may be held liable in certain extreme circumstances. It’s important to defend yourself against this possibility.
  • Uber is not typically held directly responsible for accidents involving their drivers. Except in certain rare circumstances, you cannot sue Uber for an accident, but you may sue their insurer.

Last updated Friday, November 10th, 2023

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